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  • 1 Paintball Gun
  • 1 Paintball Mask
  • All Day Field Fee
  • All Day Air Fills
  • 100 FREE Paintballs

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  • Electronic Paintball Gun = $14.95
  • Armored Vest = $4.95
  • Armored Gloves = $7.95
  • Paint Grenade = $7.95
  • Paintball Pod Holder= $9.95

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(Field Paint Only) + TAX

  • 100 rounds = $7.95
  • 200 rounds = $14.95
  • 500 rounds = $27.95
  • 1000 rounds = $47.95
  • 2000 rounds = $79.95



  • Admission = $15
    (includes all day HPA air fills)
  • H.P. single fill = $4
  • Rental Gear = $15
    ($5 Mask, $5 HPA Tank, $5 Gun)



  • $25 Admission
    (Bring your own equipment and BBs)
  • 5000 .25 Valken BBs = $18 + tax
  • Green Gas Valken = $12 + tax
  • Red Dead Rag = $2 + tax


2018 SEASON PASS - $125.00

  • Free admission for 1 all 2018 season!
  • $20.00 off every case of paint you buy
    (2,000 Paintballs)
  • Added to Club Member Private Email List
  • Includes a Picture I.D. pass.
  • 1 free rental gun, tank and mask per visit
    (Can use for guest)

Save $15 on Admission and $20 on 2,000 paintballs every time you come! That is a $35 potential savings per visit!

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    6" - $5.00

    9" - $7.00

    12" - $10.00


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Do you want to have the ultimate birthday party? Look no further, here at Pekin Paintball Park we have pricing for birthday parties for groups of 6 kids to 100.



A paintball bachelor party is the best idea for a Peoria Bachelor party. Most importantly, the bride will love you for not taking her future husband to some adult entertainment club.



The Paintball Park @ Pekin, IL is a perfect place to have a unique corporate event for your employees or customers. Our games are designed to bring your company together to watch them excel.

All our open groups are split into 3 different categories:
Little League: 8-12 year olds
Minor League: 13 - 16 year olds
Major League: 17 & up

Our number 1 priority is making sure your loved ones are SAFE and have FUN while playing here at our facility with others. Your group can choose to play up in age brackets but can never play down in age brackets. This keeps the playing field fair, fun, and safe!

Can we bring food?
Yes your group will get a picnic table outside under one of our pavilions and you can bring your own cake, food, drink, snacks, and decorations if you want too!! We do have Water, Soda, and snacks on hand for $1 each if you don't want to bring anything.

Do we play with other players?
Yes, unless you pay for a private group. All parties are open play and will be playing with other players in their appropriate age group (listed above). However if you wish to have a private group you can by paying a $100 fee in advance.

Perfect for:
Ages 8 and up!!
Low impact!!

$20 per player
(includes rental gun, mask, and 100 Free paintballs)

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· NEW ·

We offer Airsoft the last Sunday of each month from 10am-4pm. Cost is $25 per player. Bring your own equipment and BBs. We do have .25 BBs for sale at the shop (5,000 for $20)

Field Rules

  1. All players must have Full sealed goggles
  2. Players under 18 must also have face protection in addition to the full sealed goggles
  3. FPS is 400, and 550 for DMR (DMR have a 100ft minimum engagement and must have a side arm thats 400FPS or under)
  4. All players must have a Barrel cover
  5. All players must have a RED bead rag

Mar 31st, Apr 28th, May 26th
Jun 30th, Jul 28th, Aug 25th
Sep 29th, Oct 27th

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April 13 & 14, June 1 & 2,
July 13 & 14, August 17 & 18

About Us

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Pekin Paintball Park has 10 acres of fun, adventure, and adrenalin! We currently have 6 different playing fields for our customers to experience; Our Brand New Call of Duty Firing Range field, NEW Fort Pekin, The Wild West, Little Pekin, The Castle, and our Asto-Turf field! You can view all of these fields from a birds eye view by clicking the FIELD tab at the top of your screen, or by simply scrolling down. As you can see on our map each of our playing fields are about the size of a football field! Plenty of room to run around and have the time of your life! All of this is located just minutes from Wal-Mart, Menards, and the East Court Village. Plenty to do around here for Mom's and Dad's while your Kids enjoy themselves here at Pekin Paintball Park!

Monday - Friday by reservation only
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

Monday - Friday by reservation only
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

By reservation only

The Paintball Park is available seven days a week for "private groups" reservation must be made at least 4 days in advance. During weekends the Park is open (both field and pro shop) for individuals and smaller groups to play in "walk-on" games. Walk-on players who want to rent equipment do not have to reserve the rental gear in advance. Equipment rentals are on a first-come/first-served basis, and occasionally we have days where all the gear is rented out.

You can bring your own equipment or rent gear at the field. Our standard rental paintguns are high-quality Tippmann semiautomatics. In addition to paintguns, we rent goggles with full-face shields, belt/pouches with twin ammo tubes for carrying extra paintballs, HP air cylinders, barrel safety socks, loaders. Also, HP refills are included with standard paintgun rentals. See the Price Sheet link for the rental costs and HP gas refill charges. An ID card MUST be held by us as security for rented equipment until the gear is returned at the end of play.

Field paint only!!! We supply premium-quality, fresh paintballs. Our Rental Packages include 100 rounds. For more info about paintball quality and pricing check out the prices section, above.

All our open groups are split into 3 different categories:
Little League: 8-12 year olds
Minor League: 13 - 16 year olds
Major League: 17 & up

Our number 1 priority is making sure your loved ones are SAFE and have FUN while playing here at our facility with others. Your group can choose to play up in age brackets but can never play down in age brackets. This keeps the playing field fair, fun, and safe!

The most common paintball game is called "Capture the Flag." Players are divided into two equal teams, and each team has a flag at their base. If you can cross the field, pull their flag, and bring it back to your base before they capture yours, you win. Another common game scenario is "Center Flag," where there is only one flag in the middle of the field. Your team has to get the flag and push through your opponents to hang it at their base. We also can play "Elimination," where there is no flag and only total annihilation of the opposition wins, and "Attack & Defend," where a small force must hold a defensive position against the attack of a larger force. Other games are played as well but these are our most common games.

We sell water, Gatorade, soda and energy drinks, along with a wide selection of snacks. We also offer pizza on weekends at lunch break.

Wear loose-fitting clothing and outdoor shoes. Long pants and long-sleeve shirts are highly recommended. You will get dirty from diving, rolling and crawling in the brush, but the paintball splats wash out. If you don't have camos, wear earth-tone, dark-colored clothes to help you hide. Bringing a change of clothing for the drive home is a good idea, also. Note: For your safety - NO short sleeve shirts, NO shorts and NO open toe shoes. Paintballs are 100% water soluble.

We have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old for paintballs and 6 for NERF parties. Paintball is an extremely safe sport, as long as players follow the simple safety guidelines. This is why we have refs supervising the games, and why we strictly enforce our safety rules. If a child is too immature to follow the safety rules, he is too young to play paintball. Our insurance requires a completed and signed "liability waiver/safety agreement." Fill it our here from every participant and spectator.

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Michael McKinley

  • Hours: Dec 1st - March 1st by appointment only

  • 309-346-7000

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  • Pekin Paintball Park
    14444 Towerline Rd.
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